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Things to do

The KenMar's Experience 

We offer our guests a comfortable and home-like atmosphere that caters to all their needs. With our friendly hosts and staff, we make sure that we're there to make your stay the most comfortable. Nature is a part of us with our smoke free environment to protect your well-being. Our breakfast bar provides a variety of delightful foods and treats while our living area allows you to meet and visit with other guests, browse the web or even relax while watching T.V. 

We welcome you to experience comfort like you've never left home in the first place.

Outdoor activites

We're able to assist with direction to some of these amazing wildlife, historic monuments and adrenaline pumping activities, Belize caters to every kind of guest. 


Places to visit and experience nearby:


Maya Ruins 34.3 miles – 1 hours  21 minute drive


Horse Riding (Banana Bank Lodge) 4 miles – 15 minute drive


Guanacaste National Park  2.7 miles – 7 minute drive 


George Price Center 984 Yards – 3 minute drive


Blue Hole National Park 15 mile – 21 minute drive


Belmopan Museum 1.5 miles – 5 minute drive


Cave Branch 25.6 miles


Jaguar Paw 13.5 miles 


Belize Zoo  19.2 miles – 29 minute drive 


ATM ( Actun Tunichil Muknal) & Pook’s Hill 13.5 miles 

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